Energy Survey Form

Executive Summary

There are two complex and long PDF forms in this assignment each of around 10 pages. These forms are used to collect data from a survey. The survey involves collecting data for energy department like the Utility name, Utility EIA code, the types of fuel, fuel characteristics, energy values etc. These forms used to calculate the Annual weighted average, Automatic adjustment clause (AAC), Base price plus escalation charges etc.

There are several types of fields where each field are customized by JavaScript. There are options to add or delete selected pages as section of the complete form depending upon certain user preferences. There are multiple dependent DropDown lists which works on dynamically added pages too. The forms include expandable tables where the rows of the table can be extended or deleted to add or remove any additional information. These forms can be submitted online by HTTP post, by e-mail as an XML attachment. After filling the form fully or partially the user can save the form details for future reference. A print option is also available to print the form along with data

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