Enterprise Management System Automated Testing

Executive Summary

The client’s custom enterprise management system was a fairly complex application with many modules. The various modules of the application were used by the client and its customer organizations for corporate communication, project management, customer and sales channel management, human resource management, accounting, knowledge & learning management, internal social networking, etc. Given the huge scope of the system, there were a large number of test cases to check the functionality and workflow of the application. It was becoming increasingly difficult and costly for the client to go through manual testing for any change in the application. So, they contacted us for automating the testing effort which needed to be very effective and efficient.

After analysing the client’s application and various automation tools, we selected Selenium which is one of the most popular open‐source functional and regression testing tools and very well suited for the client’s needs. We went through the application, understood its functionality and work‐flow, and prepared our automation plan. We designed a high-level hybrid framework which made the scripts very easy to run even for non-technical users. We developed sufficient sets of scripts to be simply run whenever there was a change in the application. Apart from saving our client a lot of testing dollars, the automation scripts take much less time to run and simultaneously generate eminently readable and understandable HTML reports. The customizable HTML reports display information such as pass/fail result, script execution time, screen‐shots, etc for each of the test cases and test steps separately. These results can also be automatically emailed through the script to any number of persons as desired

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