Executive Summary

Imagine so many software applications clubbed into one bigger application to address every possible aspects of a certain domain. Such an application has to be a complex yet robust. The management team has to ensure that every functionality works per requirement, the application has better usability, it performs better every time. Hence, it needs a better QA process. With every change request, small or big and any enhancement features coming, there has to be several builds over a period of time. With every new build coming, testing was needed thoroughly in all modules, so as to ensure new implementation/change in code doesn’t adversely affect other parts of the system. This means repetitive task for testing folks which they often feel monotonous. Here comes the idea of automating the testing process. The client was looking for a reliable service provider who can understand their need and accordingly come out with a cost effective solution. They approached Mindfire Solutions for the job and it has been over a period two years Mindfire is associated with them, delivering high quality automation scripts.

About our Client

Client: Service Provider

Location: Canada

Industry: Software

Business Situation

The client firm is a top notch service provider in Environment & Health and Safety domain whose clientele consists of many fortune 500 companies. It has several customizable projects which can be used for the aforesaid industries and some projects designed exclusively for specific industry. Broadly all the projects come under two categories:

Environmental Management System (EMS): The Environmental Management System is a web based solution to manage Environmental data, documents and activities across multiple locations. It has several sub-modules such as Air, Water and Waste Management, Legal Requirements and Compliance Management, Environmental Sustainability Management etc.

Health & Safety Management System (HSMS): The HSMS provides a flexible solution to manage an organization’s health and safety program. By using this application the management can easily keep track of risks, track and react to incidents and hazards, achieve and maintain OHSAS 18001 compliance. The HSMS has several software applications in it such as Incidents and Risk Management, Legal Requirement Management, Document and Training Management etc.


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