ERP - A FileMaker Solution

Executive Summary

This is a database system developed using FileMaker technology which runs on both Mac OSX and the Windows platforms. This software consists of several different modules. It has a Customer Relationship Management module, products and inventory management, sales order management, job tracking and task management module, invoicing and payment modules. It also has a system preferences section where admin user can manage the different settings for the application. The system also provides multi lingual feature, the user can choose their language preference (English/French) in the system. The system has seedcode calendar (daily, weekly and monthly) views implemented in it to add/edit/view appointment schedules. The calendar module also has the ability to create recurring events. The system also has the serverside script ability to integrate the FileMaker application data with PHP iCal website. It also has a server side script ability to import and export the invoice and payment data to an external Accounting module. The system has the diffrente kinds reporting functionality built in with the ability to print and export report data to external file format.

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