FAQ Website

Executive Summary

FAQ website is one of the portals of our client which provide products and services related information for the FAQ of end users and troubleshooting techniques.  This site contains the  information in various formats like Text, External sites links, Images, Maps, Videos, PDF and installable files etc. to educate the end users on their products and services.

Site is customized to load the user interface based on the user’s browsing device I.e Desktop/Tab/Mobile. Custom search is provided for the end users to search for required information. This site has a beautiful  custom Admin interface to  manage the information with  less  effort and a good responsive user interface for the end users.

Some of the key features related to the website, are listed below:

– Customized HTTP module to support SEO friendly urls and for the device detection.

– Custom module for content pushing from staging to production environment.

– Functionality to create desktop and mobile tabs dynamically through the custom modules.

– IPFilter module to restrict the login page access to the requests from specific IPs only.

– Design and developed skins for desktop and mobile browsers along with dynamic, sliding menus as per the customer’s requirement.

– Implemented Google’s custom search.

– Provided localization functionality.

– Functionality to get tariff for call, internet data usages across the countries.

About our Client

Telecom Company




ASP.Net 4.0, .Net, MS SQL Server 2008