Fever iPhone Game

Executive Summary

The client was a Game Design studio based in US, producing a casual iPhone game for a company that provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for children, and based in Denmark.

The project was a casual iPhone game that involved helping the game hero to rescue various persons by touching them and avoiding the fatal hazards. The user interacted by placing toy bricks to create a path for the hero to reach his targets. The game consisted of various levels. Few were bundled with the app, other could be bought via in-app purchase.

The game design was based on an already existing PC game by the same name. The design and artwork was provided by the client. Our work involved implementing the game design. One of major design decision was to keep the developed game compatible with the existing PC games level design files, so that the level Editor in PC game could be used for designing iOS game levels as well.

About our Client

Game/Mobile Entertainment Company


Game/Mobile Entertainment


Objective-C, IOS