File Sharing platform for healthcare domain

Executive Summary

This application is a file-sharing platform for the healthcare industry. There are 3 different types of users: Healthcare Companies (Medical & Pharmaceutical companies), Healthcare Providers (Doctors, Nurses, Etc.) and Patients. These 3 different users have access to different functionalities based on the user type.  Users will register for services through a WordPress site and they can also perform a product search from this site as well.

Once registered, they must log in to access the file system.  Another big component of this project is the ability for users to scan Clinical Reference Codes (designed QR codes) using their mobile devices and access information related to the product scanned.  Companies will upload information related to their drug or device and generate a Clinical Reference Code, when scanned it would direct end users to clinical information.

Another component is any user using this application can search or scan for the products registered by the companies, without even logging in. Profile upgrade facility is available as well. This application comes handy for the Patients as they can search for the products or documents related to the health problems and also the Companies advertise their product. Any type of user after logging in will be able to upload files, images and any documents and also share files that they want to share with the other type of users. Patients can keep track on any new products updated or any files shared with them by the Healthcare Providers or any Healthcare Companies.

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Web API, EF 5, Windows Azure, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure Storage