FileMaker CRM

Executive Summary

This is a system that is used by a company dealing with printing industries. The system keeps track of all the printers/vendors that the company deals with along with the printer address. The system allows the user to create new quotes or orders for their customers order and add the job specification for the customer’s order from a set of pre available specs templates managed in a separate area in this application. After importing the spec template to a job user then modifies the spec details according to the job requirement. We have worked on a set of features like allowing the user to create and send quote request to the vendors that are appropriate for this order. After receiving the vendor bids the user can create customer bids and send them for customer’s pricing approval. Once a vendor’s pricing is approved by customer, the system will create/send a purchase order to the winning vendor. All the different forms and print screens have been developed for all the above described work flow.

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