Fire prevention equipment support management

Executive Summary

This is an application to manage the support orders onsite. The admin level web application controls the activities for the onsite professionals. User in the admin role manages creating the work orders, assigning the work orders to the technicians, generating relevant reports and sharing the same with customer / relevant peoples, scheduling appointments in calendar etc.

The mobile app works for the onsite technician in recording the data as well as generating the reports at onsite too. It has the offline sync capabilities to store the data for the relevant technician and the work orders by allowing him/her to work on that. Device can generate PDFs on request and create email attachments to send to different recipients. The app has flexibility to generate individual and/or consolidated reports on user requests.

To validate the physical presence of the technicians, app allows the customers to put their physical signatures on the device and stores the same as a proof of onsite attendance

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)