Fitness and Sports events tracking app

Executive Summary

Developed an android app that deals with fitness tracking as well as intimates users in case there are any major sports events happening in their city. The app is packed with video tutorials and GIF images which can help the users to learn how to play certain games such as basketball etc. There is also a section in which the user can view the items that are specific to a particular sport. Further, he can buy those items or add them to his favorites.

The app has a total of 9 screens that are listed below:

1. Home Screen: This screen displays the workout cards and events happening within 100-mile radius. The user can also toggle between the events and locker room in which items used during exercise can be purchased.

2. Workout screen: This screen displays the list of steps which are to be done during a particular workout.

3. Exercise Screen: This screen displays the video tutorials and GIF images of the exercises.

4. Event Screen: This screen shows the details of the events such as location event name address age group, sex, experience level etc. required to participate in that event. These screens stick to top on scrolling and one item gets fixed and rest scrolls during scrolling upwards.

5. Popular Apps Screen: This screen shows the other popular apps of this organization.

6. Locker Profile Screen: In this screen user can see the various profiles of the products.

7. Locker Category Screen: This screen displays the categories of product profiles.

8. Search Event Screen: This screen shows list of filtered results of events by sliding the seek-bar and adjusting the radius of area in which the user wants The data is illustrated using logical graphs which also improves the readability. to see the events.

9. Web Browser Screen: This screen shows the web view in which products information and purchase vendor can be seen.

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Android SDK (Android version 3.0 to Android version 4.4, API level 11 to API level 19)