Flight Scheduling Platform

Executive Summary

Flight scheduling in aviation is a sophisticated and essential process that underpins the entire air travel industry. By meticulously planning and organizing every aspect of a flight, from departure to arrival, and ensuring the seamless integration of various components, flight scheduling ensures the efficient, safe, and reliable operation of flights. The automation of distance calculations between airport locations, the assignment of specialized crew members, and the detailed management of passenger and baggage information are critical to this process. Furthermore, linking trips to invoices and quotes provides financial transparency and accuracy.

Our client in the aviation industry sought to streamline their flight scheduling process to improve efficiency and responsiveness. They needed a solution to effectively manage recurring trips and adjust flight schedules dynamically, accommodating cancellations or rescheduling needs. By categorizing trips by status, they aimed for real-time monitoring and effective management to ensure each flight schedule was handled according to plan. This initiative was crucial to meet passenger demands, adhere to safety regulations, and optimize operational efficiency.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: Canada

Industry: Aviation


AWS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, GraphQL, S3

flight scheduling platform