Full-fledged MU2 Certified Electronic Medical Record System

Executive Summary

This is a full-fledged web based EMR application which provides comprehensive solution to a physician’s needs. The HIPAA compliant application is done with a complete PMS system, DMS system, LIMS System, Data Integration System, Online Pharmacy Ordering, and many other support systems that an EMR would require to interact with.

This is a robust system, which allows user based permission on modules, pages and even controls inside pages. Every page allows users to create their own lookup values and allows complete end-user customization. Some of the functionalities provided are patient search based on multiple parameters, a Patient dashboard, which lists all vital information, (like demographics, active medical problems, current medications), ability to create visits (encounters), ability to assign/forward the visits to any physician in the hospital, pulling previous medical information from past encounters with just one click, ability to drill down to any past visit at any given time, ability to digitally sign an encounter and finalize it thereby not allowing UI level changes after a grace time set by the user, archive and review visit/independent module level data in file format, ability to automatically save data on navigation from one page to another without any user action, thereby reducing the documentation time. Some modules covered in the EMR are History of Present Illness, Vitals, Current Medications (based on First Data Bank, warns user of potential drug-drug interactions), Allergies(again based on First Data bank with a built in Drug-Allergy module that warns user of any potential Drug-Allergy when prescribing medications) Past History (including sub modules like Past Medical History, Surgical History, Social History, Family History, Genetic History, etc), Comprehensive Women’s health module (including OB Details, Prenatal details, Menstrual History, etc), Men’s Screening, Complete Pediatric History module, Review of Systems and Physical Examination, Impression/Diagnosis (ICD9 Codes), Recommended Plan of action (includes procedures (CPT codes), Prescriptions & Injections (FDB with drug-drug interaction warnings), integration with a comprehensive LIMS(with Quest, LabCorp via Emdeon), Order to Pharmacies (integration with Sure Scripts), Intra Office and Outside Correspondence module with support for faxing and an E&M System.

The fully integrated reporting system provides all reports a physician would ever need and more. A full -fledged Document Management System integrates with this EMR and other notable features are a custom reporting system, office customizable PDF forms, web based drawing module and an alerting system. This is a Meaningful Use 2 certified system with all support systems in place.

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