Game Management Software

Executive Summary

This is a gaming site. We have integrated couple of Flash games to this site. There are other functionalities for the users to play games and do the game related activities. In this project Facebook and Paypal API is integrated. Through Paypal, user can buy the virtual cash and coins. By using them, he can buy the virtual stuffs available in the travel game. Here we have used the Google currency converter through which user can able to choose his currency type. Through Facebook, he can able to send the gift to his friends and able to post in his Facebook account. Here user is able to send the invitation to his friends through Facebook.

Here the users are given daily bonus in terms of the virtual travel game coins and cash. There is a sweepstakes contest for the user, where he can win some interesting prizes. To manage all these, there is an admin console. In the admin console, admin can manage the sweepstakes contest, database, create reports and many more.

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