Game Portal for Libraries

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secured portal for libraries to allow their patron/users to be able to view games provided by a large gaming company using API services and allowing download of a trial version of the games.

We implemented multilingual and affiliate skinning features for libraries to allow for customizing the user interface for their members. The site has an admin which allows the super administrator to manage the entire site, users, libraries and static pages.

The Admin user has the ability to generate, view and download the game view/downloads report to track activity. Users can be assigned page specific permissions to the website’s pages/areas.

The access to site is restricted for authenticated users only. There are several types of login methods implemented so that different libraries can choose their preferred login method for authenticating their patrons/users.

Libraries can purchase licenses for the games which can be used by their patron/users to download the game for a limited period and times which can also be dynamically set form the admin end. Patron/users have the privilege to add the games to their wishlist which they can view later and download if available based on the license quotas.

Static content was hosted on a CDN server. The site was optimized for high loads/traffic and we helped with implementing load balancer, master slave DB setup, full text index search on the database fields using sphinx, and innoDB table locking for transactions. CakePHP framework was used with jQuery for the user facing sites.

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