Game/Sports Management System

Executive Summary

This is a product to manage the details of the games/sports played at schools. Schools can participate in different sports and can also have multiple students participate in multiple sports. A particular sport can have multiple games and schools and students from different schools can take part in the multiple games. The application keeps track on all these events, event results, event mappings with many-to-many relations. The application also creates different statistical reports, charts, graphs of different games, students, schools against their opponents.

Through the application users can upload game videos and game images to the system, which can be viewed through the application later by other users. The video and image feature is implemented for both games and students. Overall the application keeps track of all the details of users, students, schools, games in the application and creates different statistical reports and information for the users.

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Sport And Education Industry


ColdFusion 8.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript