Game Statistics Application

Executive Summary

This application records the high school game statistics of different types of game e.g.- Basketball, Football, Volleyball and it displays the statistics to the end user by public site. This application has three different sub application such as:

– The Admin.

– The Statistics Recorder.

– The Viewer.

The admin application helps to create a game schedule and manage all the schedules. The admin also uploads the game image, adds any article for a particular game and for particular week. The advertisement management is also done here. This is a Flex based web application.

The main functionality of the statistics recorder application is to record the live statistics and upload that into the central server. This application interacts with the server using web service call. This desktop application has been developed using Flex and runs on Adobe AIR and to be used at the game venue.

The Viewer is the public web application developed using ColdFusion 9 and Ajax. This shows the statistics of live and past games. This also shows information about the upcoming games from the central server. It displays the articles for different game which has been added. It has the feature to order any game image of high resolution which is uploaded by the admin for specific game. This application generates some statistics comparison data of different players.

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