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Executive Summary

Developed a gaming application, where users can change avatar, join different rooms, sit, jump, fly, swim, place bomb, cast spell, filters and do lot more things. We made use of the SmartFoxServer software which provides lots of gaming in-built functionalities like create zone, room(static, dynamic), room capacity, users, players, spectators, NPC, invitation, buddy, kick, ban user etc.

We worked on SmartFoxServer extension to customize some of its base event requests, and along with that also added some new client request service on it. This custom extension helped to customize/intercept request and/or response coming to and from the game engine. Parsing TMX file was done to get the game room map details and check for user each movement. From this java extension one can access PHP API via ZMQ.

Along with that created a separate standalone service (API-Connector) to listen to any update from web portal like Server Push notification. This API-Connector uses SFS JavaSE client API to interact with the game server.

Also worked on a simple load testing tool for this application using SmartFoxServer JAVA Client API (1.3.2). It provides options like enter the number of clients, server details and events (specific or sequence of events). For the interface we used Swing.

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