Executive Summary

Designed and Implemented an online gaming application for healthcare services provider. The game is split into several seasons with each season having more than one episode. Virtual characters are selected by the users/players and assigned to different seasons to form a virtual team. The characters can then be part of an episode in a season where an episode lasts for seven days or a week. Each character has an ability rating for different activity areas. Depending on ability rating the system displays goals for virtual character.

The user assigns goals to virtual players and for himself and the system updates the virtual character’s status each day and notifies to the user. Depending on the virtual character’s status the user is prompted with several options from system. The option can deduct or add points depending on usage. The player/user can accumulate points over an episode to get a special offer from the healthcare services provider/organization. We implemented a message board to allow users to communicate with other users in system. We also Implemented a team standing screen to motivate users and the teams. Admin interfaces were implemented as well to manage each attribute of game and we implemented several custom reports. An import script to parse HL7 data was also implemented to import users into our system.

We have provided effective bug report having specific OS and browser details as well to help the developer to do root cause analysis.

About our Client

Healthcare Company