Global Recap Report

Executive Summary

To view data for sales, stocks, EOM, YTD sales/stocks, inventory of based on different parameter like gender, country, region, type, classification.

This report contains 25 sub-reports merged into a single master report. There are in all 5 sheets in the final document each sheet contains 5/6 sub-reports. Each sub-report is a complete report having its own parameter-based data. The report was originally made with JFreeCharts with custom java code to modify the default properties and adding customized properties. Later the report charts were converted to HTML5 bar chart, pie chart, and stack chart.

This report is designed to be used in xls and xlsx format making sure that none of columns and rows overlaps for better visibility. The report contains cascading input control which means that one input control is dependent on the previous input control.

Global recap report with multiple sheets-Each sheets have 5-6 sub-reports based on some groups.

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