Golf Score Tracker

Executive Summary

Our client is a provider of mobile applications and wanted to build an end‐to‐end Golf Score Tracking application. The application will enable users to set up events for a round of golf with scoring capabilities for the user and up to four other players on a smart‐phone. Users need to be able to add Courses to the system with Course Name for an 18 Hole Course along with Tee Name, Hole Pars & Hole Handicaps for each hole. Once a Course is entered in the system, it will then be available for other users to select and use. Mindfire created the database and the restful API using Microsoft technologies to utilize the existing server infrastructure. Rhomobile, with its impressive suite of polished tools, was selected for bringing the cool Golf Game Tracker idea to life. Our experienced Rhomobile team quickly and cost‐effectively created a full‐featured golf application with the look and feel of a native application. The Rhomobile solution could run on multiple popular platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian. The app was designed with observer pattern so that once a user changes the score, the service pushes the score to other players’ devices in the same event.

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