Groupware Meeting System - Web Conference Prototype

Executive Summary

The client needed an online platform to conduct textual meetings for its geographically separated offices in order to create a roadmap and act accordingly. When the client approached Mindfire Solutions for creation of such a platform, they were very much pleased with the manner in which Mindfire’s development team progressed on with the initial project requirements giving them a complete and feasible solution to their
problem at the end.

About our Client

Client Description: IT Solutions Provider

Client Location: USA

Industry: Software

Business Situation

The client was worried about its ability to take up right decisions for its different offices. They required a platform which would reduce the complexities of attending meetings and sharing documents. So, they decided to develop a groupware meeting system for the web that will allow a meeting facilitator to plan, prepare for, and start an online meeting with group collaboration capabilities. The system needed to be very simple from a facilitation standpoint, and be able to provide some of the features offered in larger groupware systems. This was more of a text based online meeting platform which the client wanted us to develop. The client chose Mindfire for its rich experience in PHP web application development , LAMP experience and JavaScript development expertise. Mindfire Solutions analyzed the requirements and came up with a solution which was far above the expectation of the client.


LAMP, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Reverse AJAX, Comet, MySQL, Linux, Apache, PHP, Zend Framework, ImageMagick, Google friend connect