Executive Summary

GRS is a data collection application that is intended for the management of a golf rewards system.  The data is synchronized with a back-end database using XML. It uses Symbol handheld mobile terminals to collect data in the field.  This data is then passed over any TCP/IP communication pipe which can be created by using a dial-up modem cradle to establish a connection with an ISP, or by using GPRS, or by connecting the handheld devices to the public internet via an intermediate provider such as using Active sync on a Desktop. With a link established Microsoft’s Internet Information Server, IIS, and then provides the infrastructure for http requests to be made to a GRS web services page.  The web services marshal requests and handle data transactions for received requests.  Along with handling data transfer to the server, the handheld application also initiates a data pull from the server.  This allows for master table changes server side to be published to the handheld application.

About our Client

Sport Management Company