Hansoft Bug Tracking System

Executive Summary

One of the largest online gaming service providers identified the need to migrate from its older bug tracking system into a Hansoft integrated bug tracking system. The need was more for a project management system which would enable him to track and monitor the status of each bug or defect reported. It was meant to be web-based app because the company wanted its end-users, the gamers/players to be a part of the beta testing efforts. The complexity multiplied because the customer wanted localization in the website as well. In addition, search facility also needed to be provided. The search process complicated the localization process more. The customer opted for Mindfire because we had various game development projects running for the same client in various platforms which included Online Games, Mobile and Video games. The challenge was Hansoft integration and localization for all the areas where the client was operating and was planning to enter into. Mindfire took up the challenge for Hansoft integration. Within a few months, the site was successfully completed. Mindfire stood up to the expectations of the client and strengthened its business relationship with the customer.

About our Client

Client Description: A Gaming Website Firm

Client Location: USA

Industry: Software

Business Situation

Bug tracking is the preliminary step to assessing the quality in the product. This assessment of quality is Client Speakimportant because the product eventually becomes synonymous with the brand of the business. Hence defect tracking or bug tracking as it is popularly called becomes important. The end-customer being a gaming services client, where minor bugs can spoil the gaming experience of the user, special focus was given to the way in which bugs are captured and tracked. Not very happy with the existing bug tracking system, the client wanted to have Hansoft integration into a web based bug tracking system. The system has to be used by the users (gamers) worldwide to submit defects/bugs as they play the games. Hence localization had to be done. The client needed this to be done quickly and Mindfire took up the project. With years of game development and portal development projects, Mindfire proposed the initial model of the website. Happy with the design and overall architecture of the system, the customer gave the go ahead to Mindfire to proceed with the development of the system.


ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, AJAX, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server Free Text Search, ASP.NET Web Service, Hansoft SDK.

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