Healthcare App for Maternity unit of a hospital

Executive Summary

This application is to be used in the patient-baby and patient delivery unit of a specific hospital. The purpose of this application is to optimize and simplify the operations of the mother-baby delivery unit by monitoring the recovery process in a more efficient way by using a Mobile App that can be used by patent, doctor, pharmacist, nurse and nurse-admin.

The App has 5 levels of security Patents, Nurses, Doctors and Pharmacist and Nurse Admin, which are the 5 kinds of roles to be used to be defined in the system, and the User IDs are assigned to be either one of these 4 security profiles. Each role has restrictions on the screens that can be used.

Here Patients are admitted with specific patient_ID along with Room assigned to them, Baby of patient (Mother) will also have a unique Baby_ID. Each patent will have Nurses assigned to them; these nurses have specific shifts along with have feature to add data related to patent health record. Nurses can scan barcodes of patient and of baby to confirm their login and also the scanning of medication assigned to them. These medications are also confirmed by scanning the specific barcodes assigned to these medications else on scanning wrong medication, nurse gets immediately locked.

Here Nurse management is done by NurseAdmin role where they assign Nurses to patient, can assign shifts, leaves to nurses, can add patient and baby to the patient. NurseAdmin can also assign Rooms to patent, and can also perform CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation on Rooms.

The Doctor’s role has functionality to request for new medication to pharmacist, here doctor can assign approved medication to patient and to baby.

Pharmacist have functionality to view medication details, Update, delete and can add new medications.

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