Healthcare Appointment App

Executive Summary

This is a business communication app between the provider and client. Providers are like doctors and clients are the patients. It is separated in 2 parts. Client app and provider app.

Client app allows the patients to send prescription or chatting request to the doctors. Upon accepting the requests both the doctor and the patients can establish a chat communication between them. They can chat via text messages or can also send images to communicate. Upon agreement the client can book an appointment with the doctor. It can also keep the track of the appointment, sends reminder, allows the turn-by-turn road navigation guide to the doctors’ location.

Provider app helps the providers to set their availability to the clients. They can set their available slots in a location, date & time etc. The chatting functionality allow them to chat with the clients. Providers can refer or ask for opinion from their colleagues during the chat. The app allows them to view their appointments, cancellations etc.  They can also make use of the POS functionality to book an on-spot appointment.

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