Healthcare Specialist Search and Review System

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a Django based web application to allow patients to search for doctors, rate and add reviews for them. Implemented URL structures to allow for SEO and for listings to appear higher in google search. To start with an auto created profiles for doctors on the site using an automated cron job which scrapes data from several different publicly accessible websites. The cron then sends invitations to the doctor’s email addresses to then signup on the site and own and approve their profiles.

The system allows doctors to generate unique pins for their patients to add reviews for them. The patients can use the pin and provide their feedback for the specific doctor by visiting the site and clicking on the doctors profile. The doctor are able to publish or remove any review. If no action is taken from the doctor in 72 hours then the review is auto published to their profile.

Patients can upload images while adding a review and the doctor has to approve these images to show on their profile. The application implements radius based search where visitors/patients can enter their preferred location to determine nearby doctors based on doctor/clinic addresses in the PostGREsql DB. The application can also detect a user’s location and prefil the location box for user. The user can then search the doctors based on distance specified from his location, as well as select a filter on specialties. The application also remembers the users’ last location searched to make it easier for the user to further search from where they left off on their next visit to the page.

Created a HTML5 based widget for doctors to include on their personal websites. The widget connects the doctor’s website to application and allows the last 3 reviews from our site to show on the doctor’s website. Implemented some call to action buttons. Various templates (HTML) for email notification on the various steps; for instance, when any patient enters a review, an email notification is sent with some buttons in the email itself so that the doctor can manage his reviews from the email itself.

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