Help Desk System

Executive Summary

We developed a Helpdesk system for partners and customers linked with Agile Point BPMS products.

This includes a registration module wherein a customer/ partner can create their helpdesk account. It also includes a lost password module. On successful login, a user can see the latest news and events on the main page. This also has an option for creating a new ticket and view the corresponding ticket status as it passes through the different phases of the registration process.

All these processes involve the workflow designed using Agile Point envision process templates. Processes like registration, login, lost password and creating new tickets triggers the corresponding process template. Each process template has its own phases/ flows defined which carries different database operations, e-mail sending processes, conditional checks, manual approval tasks, etc. The manual/ approval tasks get displayed in the WSS 3.0 site under a custom webpart. This site is mainly used by internal staff.

The task list is user specific i.e. it only displays those tasks which are assigned to the logged-in user based on his access level and permissions. The internal staff can then set the status of different flow handler conditions. The main objective of this site is to handle ticketing requests through proper business process management flows using Agile Point.

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Agile Point, WSS 3.0, ASP.Net 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005