HIT - MU - CCDA Parsing

Executive Summary

The goal of this project was to create a service and dll which accepts an xml file as a parameter and parses all the modules as well as returns the filled objects.

We created a class library with a method to accept an xml file as an argument and looked for all specific tags as per the document and parsed those tags to get the actual data and stored them in specific objects.

The modules which were included for parsing: Demographics, Author, Legal Authenticator, Custodian, Allergy, Medication, Result, Social History, Encounters, Vitals, Impression, Chief Complaint, Procedures, Informant and Plan of care.

There was support for modules with multiple entries like encounter, allergy, meds etc. We created separate classes and methods for individual modules for code maintainability. Also, common methods were made to avoid repeating code block and handing null check. There was provision to log the exception in text file.

About our Client

HealthCare Company