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Executive Summary

Home Inspection Software minimizes the time spent in gathering facts of commercial and residential inspected properties and writing reports. With this version inspectors can create custom reports and select from over 3,300 already entered findings, add photos and captions, change the color of text as to be printed in report, inspector can also create reports for commercial properties as well, add as many sections as they like, write reports for multifamily housing, create sections to describe anything they find in the field, create popular short inspection reports, enter their data on PDA and synchronize back into the pc/laptop running the desktop program at the office or vehicle, all in an easy to use format that conforms to the way they do business! The PC software runs on all current Windows operating systems, Win 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. The counterpart PDA program runs on devices running Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2003.

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