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Executive Summary

We developed this Android Game app where user has to fill a cell or cross a cell or leave the cell blank according to numbers given at the side of the grid. The user will be provided with grids with sizes from 5 X 5 to 20 X 20. A timer will also start as the new game starts to make the game more challenging. The game consists of 10,000 puzzles. Once a user has filled a row /column of cells correctly, the user can mark the blank cells in that row / column automatically with cross.

Once the user has finished solving the game, user can share his/her total time taken to solve the game on Facebook and Twitter. The application also allows the user to post minimum time taken to solve particular puzzle type as high score and unlock achievements. User can also pause the game and save the state of the game when other application starts in between the game.

About our Client

Mobile Game Company


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Android SDK (platform tool version 10, android version 2.2)