Interactive Gaming App based on Biblical Heroes

Executive Summary

The application is basically a questionnaire on Biblical Heroes and stories on each of them. Based on how the user answers them, (s)he is rewarded game points and manna (an internal game currency). The user can trade these for adding different features to the game. The application integrated with Facebook and the Google Play Game Services, where the user may see and compare scores with others. The user may also make In-App Purchases for items like manna. The client has provided detailed explanation as far as the game logic is concerned.

In Version 2.0 there is substantial enhancement in the Application, like hero upgrade, associating players with levels, a new game-play logic, integration with other social networking applications.

The application is UI intensive. There are about forty game-screens which requires custom animations to be implemented.

About our Client

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Android SDK (android version 2.3.3, API level 9 and above)