Intranet Management System

Executive Summary

This is a web application which manages the Issue Publication, Sales, Payment, Invoice generation and user Appointments. The User can create, update, delete a new sale while also sending leads to the concerned company via mail or fax. Application also links users email thereby letting user access the mails directly.

There are two types of users:

Admin: They are provided with the tools to perform administrative tasks like managing permissions, users, publications, documents, getting dbinfo associated with Salesman activity. Only admin users can manage the IP whitelisting for bypassing FuseGuard- Foundeo firewall.

Salesmen: These users can create a web ad sales and other sales for the companies that are linked to them. They add documents/ other information regarding payment associated with the sale. Module(s) access to salesman is governed by admin user depending upon which a salesman can have access to Collection, payroll, performance, publishing, sales, web ads.

These users have access to several modules such as Sales, Cold Contact, Message Center, Publishing and Appointments.

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