Inventory Management for a Furniture Business

Executive Summary

This is a project which has implemented data separation model in it, containing two files i.e interface file and the data file. The application is developed in FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced. The project is customized on top of “FM Starting Point” template. It uses the Contacts and Products/Inventory business modules to track the antique furniture business.

The system manages different Antique Furniture items available from several different brands at the showrooms for sale and allows the user to create invoices to the customers. It is a relational database system that manages related data in Company, Contacts, Inventory, Staffs, etc. modules. The system reserves access rights for different levels of user roles, such as: Developer, Administrator, Manager, Client. It has the admin ability to manage system configuration and set ups. It provides built in ability to create/edit the e-mail templates to be send as reminder e-mails to contacts and for different type of information in both product and contact sections. It has web viewer contents and thumbnail views of products. It has an Audit Log feature developed in it to keep the track of all changes being made in the system. Import feature implemented in it to migrate old systems data into the FileMaker application.

A part of the Inventory system is developed for iPad users, that allows users to take pictures of the item as it is found in the wild and store them directly in the database Containers. This uses FileMaker 12’s advanced container feature to store container data externally.

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