Inventory Management System for an Event Management Company

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secured website where an event management organization can showcase their products and labors. Clients can view the existing list of products, venues, labors etc. and select the venue they want to showcase their work in, the products they would need for this purpose and also mention if they need help of professionals (labor) in this regard. The invoices are calculated as per the type of order (advance/ on the floor) and charged accordingly. The Clients can also create their accounts with billing information and other account details for ease of operations.

We have also implemented the admin section, where admin can see the details of each product, their availability (number of items available in warehouse/in use), history of each item transaction, purchase history with client details, labor management sections, show management section listing all items, labors used, add/edit/delete new shows, products, labors, venues etc. Implemented AMF module for Flex front end to communicate with Yii backend using remoting.

About our Client

IT Company