Inventory Tools CMS

Executive Summary

Inventory Tools CMS is a content management site which can control more than one site’s content which are related to boat or its associated product inventory. It also provides facilities to response the user queries and also provides the graph and chart representations to the incoming queries of different types entered from the front-end site and their respective responses in certain time periods.

It contains the following modules:

1. Dashboard: – Here user can find the graph for the incoming queries form the front end as well as added from CMS. The graph shows how many incoming queries and responses are made for one week, one month and one year. Also, it shows the number of queries form different types for example “Boat Question”, “Contact Form”, “Quote Request” in the interest section and a pie chart for showing the percentage for those queries.

2. Account: – Here user can manage the details of the client such as company name, primary information, logo, location and photos. This information is used in the front-end site. For example, the logo uploaded from here, gets displayed in the front-end site header. This section also has a sub-section which manages the users for the particular client.

3. Boats: – This section is one of the inventory management sections. The boats are the primary inventory for this system. In this section we can find the list of the boats in grid view. On this section user can manage the boats, their manufacturer and categories. Also user can set flags on boats, by these flags the boats will be displayed in the front end site.

4. Motors: – This section is another inventory management section. Here the inventory is the motors. It functions same as the boat section does.

5. Leads: – Here user can find the grid view listing the incoming queries of different types and their responses. From here the user can also respond the queries also can mark them resolved or spam.

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