Investment Tracking Application

Executive Summary

This is an investment tracking application with multiple roles involving in it. Authorised members of registered comapanies are allowed to declare the stocks and dividends for the company and also can manage users or investors of the company. Authorised members of companies can also see the google charts(3D pie chart) for investors and investments in their respected companies. An investor can buy the stock of a particular comapny or more than one company also. They also have the flexibility of receiving the dividend via cheque or they can choose to re-invest the earned dividends. Investors can download or print or email the certificates of their investments at any time. They can also generate the statement for their transactions. Application also generates the annual report for a comapny and generates the excel sheet on the fly with the flexibility of choosing the fields to be exported. It also involves Amazon S3 for file storage and heroku for deployment. The application also involves Behavioral driven development using rspec with support of factory_girl and shoulda_matchers.

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Finance Company




Ruby on Rails (ROR)