iPad App for Medical

Executive Summary

This is an iPad application developed to help medical representatives of a pharmaceutical company to manage registration to a website, asynchronously because delegates are not connected to the internet during the visits. It contains 3 views. One for filling up the registration form and other is to transfer the no. of records stored in the local database to the server using soap requests. The third view consists of settings view which contains delegate’s name and the email address for default storage.

Registration Form View :- It consists of various fields to enter all the necessary details for a particular member. By clicking on register button all the records get stored to the local database using sqlite.

Transfer View :- It shows various information like whether you are connected to the internet or not. Also it gives us the information how many records are to transfer. On tapping transfer button it transfer all the local stored records to the client’s server if it is connected to the internet.

Preferences :- It shows all the settings regarding the particular delegate like delegate’s name and the email address for default storage. On tap of save button it saves these two fields in the cache of application. And shows an alert if any of these two fields are empty.

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