Executive Summary

The client for this project is medical journal provider in health care domain and had an existing web-based application. Mindfire Solutions was approached to develop an interesting app in iOS platform to provide medical online content through a mobile app. This medical app presents an overview of the exciting development that is currently taking place in the field of alternative drug delivery. It provides accurate drug information, including drug effectiveness, adverse effects and drug interactions. This commitment to unbiased drug information ensures that subscribers can rely on their content to make the best decisions for their patients – without the influence of the pharmaceutical companies or any other commercial entity.

Its purpose is health promotion and disease prevention, providing a range of preventive and treatment options. This journal is the crucial resource for objective drug information to meet the needs of busy healthcare professionals who want unbiased, reliable and timely drug information.

About our Client

Client: Medical Journal Provider

Location: USA

Industry: Healthcare

Business Situation

The US firm is set out to achieve its primary goal – to build an internet/web based, medical online app through which enterprises could easily provide drug information, including drug effectiveness and most effective drug treatment.

The client had an existing web-application and desired to develop a mobile application in iOS for a medical journal with all features of the web-app:

  • Target devices – aim for as much consistency as possible, use of native API and GUI controls for design consistency within the platform.
  • The screen orientation had to be Vertical / Portrait for navigating all the app screens, however the articles had be read in either Vertical / Portrait or Horizontal / Landscape orientation.
  • User had to have a Subscriptions and Login authentication to view the articles. Only free content had to be made available to unpaid subscribers.
  • Web-services were to be used for retrieving the project-content from server.
  • For Offline-caching and for saving username-password user settings were to be used.


iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Xcode3.2.5