iPhone App for a Trivia Puzzle

Executive Summary

This app is a trivia brain game which presents an overview of the exciting developments that are currently taking place in the field of entertainment and education. This game is fun and easy to use with over 16,000 trivia questions and dozens of questions packs. High score chart keeps track of any user’s best progress in the game. This quiz covers questions related to maximum areas of interest.The questions asked cover a wide range of areas like sports, arts, movies, celebrity, animals, business, comics and some which are specifically country based.

The purpose is:

  • to provide a quiz with different levels of difficulty which gets harder as the user advances through the game .In a way, it is the challenge that the game presents which draws the  attention of the user to play.
  • to focus on the recent happenings

This game is needed to play the expansion packs and it comes over with 4,000 FREE questions and 12,100 more which can be purchased. There are 3 different types of hints one can use: eliminate answers, poll the people and replace a question that makes the game more interesting.

About our Client

Client Description: Founder and President of a Technology company

Client Location: Seattle, Washington

Industry : Software

Business Situation

The US firm set out to achieve its primary goal – to build an mobile quiz  app.

  • Target devices – aim for as much consistency as possible, but use native APIs and GUI controls for design consistency within the platform.
  • The entire game is ‘locked’ in vertical orientation.
  • Do not interfere with standard phone functions, like making phone calls etc.
  • Mode of purchasing that suits as per platform.
  • Integration with the Third party server, i.e. OpenFeint.

For the security purpose,

  • The questions are  included in compiled code so that the files cannot be opened and hence the questions.
  • The expansion packs in the game cannot be hacked / unlocked, and there is security against the  redistribution.

Questions Structure

  • The questions are stored in separate files for each category.
  • Entire categories or every question can be purchased with unlocks upto 16,100 Qs which can be randomized and played in a single game.
  • The questions follow specification format.


iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Xcode3.2.5