Executive Summary

The aim of this case study is to illustrate the development of an iPhone/iPad application that helps in identifying available rental estates in Norway. The idea behind developing this app was to have an application that allows users to view the list of available rental estates. Using the app the users can filter the list of available properties by location, area and size. It allows the available properties to be displayed as a pin in the Google maps for ease of location. All this makes it possible for the interested users to narrow down their search for properties. If the users find some property to be of their interest, they can view the complete details of that property and go ahead and contact the agent via email or phone. They users can also be guided to the location of that property via Google maps.

One of the interesting features of this app is Augmented Reality takes the users through a virtual tour of the properties over the iPhone screen. The client chose Mindfire Solutions for its impeccable track record of 15+ years of mobile app development and iOS app development expertise.

About Our Client

Client: Mobile App Development Company

Location: Oslo, Norway

Industry: Mobile and IT

Business Situation

The business requirement was to develop a smooth running, user friendly application through which the users can easily navigate. The client wanted to have an “available rental estates” application that will simplify the task of acquiring the information about the rental estates in a particular region of Norway. They wanted to have an application through which they can gather the details of the property of their interest (if available in the list of available rental estates). They also wished to have an implementation for the virtual tour of the available rental estates.

With all these ideas in mind, the client approached Mindfire Solution to go ahead and implement this idea into a stable running application.


Objective C, iPhone 4.2, COCOA touch, Mac OS, Xcode3.2.5