Executive Summary

Did you ever think of twisting your style a bit? Are you afraid of trying out because you think it might look awful on you? Here’s a little iPhone app that would help you make better decisions without engaging yourself for the makeover.

One of our clients had an existing flash-based web-application and approached Mindfire Solutions to develop this very interesting app for the iPhone with all the features of the web application intact. A fun fashion game/application, which would allow user to do a lot of activities. With over 20,000 individual dress-up elements in the game, it was a challenge for Mindfire’s technical team to fit all of this on mobile platform without any significant loss of quality or speed. The other major concern was that the architecture of iPhone application supports dynamically downloading additional dress-up elements from server when they are available. Mindfire’s iPhone app developers did a wonderful job to overcome both the aspects and developed the app just as the client desired.

About Our Client

Client: Multimedia Lifestyle Company

Location: USA

Industry: Lifestyle/Entertainment

Business Situation

The client had an existing flash-based web-application and desired to develop an iPhone client for the same with all features of the web-app available for the iPhone version. Their intent was to develop fun fashion game/application where user can set a model, background and then pick tops, under garments, jackets, skirts, footwear, hair style and various accessories and put the makeup. They also had additional requirements wherein user can create account, register/login to their account, save/upload the makeover, participate in various daily/weekly contests, and view and vote the makeovers participating in daily/weekly contests. They were also very much firm to include all the 20,000 individual dress-up elements in the game without any significant loss of quality or speed, which was a test for Mindfire’s team as it was something really tough for this mobile platform.


iPhone SDK, Xcode 3.1, Cocoa Touch, Core Animation, XML/HTTP