iPhone/iPad Fitness App

Executive Summary

The project involved developing an iPhone/iPad application which can work as a virtual trainer for the users who are interested in improving their fitness levels. The application has videos for approximately 500 different types of exercises. The videos are organized by levels and each of these can be purchased from the app. The different levels of the exercises can be performed across progressing weeks. The videos for the exercises are quite elaborate. Starting with the warm-ups, they take the users through the details for each of the techniques; emphasizing on repetitions and other relevant aspects.

The exercises come in two sections: Warm-up and Work out. Users can buy exercise packages based on their need and carry them to gym as well. This fitness app seems quite comprehensive and serves its purpose with a lot of innovation.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: USA

Industry: Healthcare/Fitness


Objective C, iOS 6.0, Cocoa touch framework, Xcode 4.5