Jasper Reporting Solution

Executive Summary

This project deals with the creation of reports based on the specifications and requirements of client, using Jasper Report building tool. The project¬†has been setup on the client’s computer and we need to work on that computer. To obtain the required columns from the database based upon the client’s specifications one need to add SQL queries for datasets and sub datasets used in the Report.

There were scenarios when one needs to provide complete dynamism to the query used in the Report to obtain the desired dynamic resultset. The main task was to provide a design or UI to the text description provided by the client.

Designing the layout for the report incorporates the placement of the fields, coloring, dynamic changes keeping in mind, the specific designing standards set by the client. After the designing phase completes then we need to check the PDF and XLS exports for any discrepancy, as ultimately either of the two type would be utilized at the clients end.

About our Client

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