Job Portal for Recruitment Agency

Executive Summary

The application aims job seekers to search for jobs by entering Search Criteria like Keyword and Location and then apply for the job by selecting their Resumes and Cover Letters. The Application has different flows is as follows, Welcome Screen: Job seeker should be able to select the preferred language Home Screen: Job Seeker should be able to search jobs by entering Keywords like Developer and Location like Canada, USA etc. Search Results Screen: Job Seeker should see all the listing of jobs in list view with total number of results returned for the Search Query provided by Job Seeker. Resumes Screen: This screen will show up list of resumes uploaded by job seeker. Cover Letter Screen: User can add cover letters too and the list of cover letters for the logged in user would be shown on this screen with a check mark option to use the cover letter and complete the job application process. Our Responsibilities including, Test case creation from user stories, Test case execution, GUI Testing, Testing on real devices across different mobile Device like Black berry, Android, I phone Raising Enhancement requests wherever applicable etc. Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it get delivered. The approach to testing was manual.

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