Job Tracking System

Executive Summary

This is a database system developed in FileMaker 11, which is used by a company to track their contracts and the detail information on all the contracts. The system keeps track of the contracts as new job by auto assigning a job number to it. It also tracks of the 3rd party contractor’s information on the jobs. The user can add change orders to a job with the amount to be added or deducted from the total contract amount. The system provides ability to create invoice(s) for a job and also allows user to manage balance sheet against each job by tracking the total invoices generated for a job and total amount receivable from customer’s payment till date. The user can also view/print the total change orders made on a job. Similarly, user can also view/print all the invoices created for a particular job and also can print the balance sheet for the job. The system provides several reporting abilities based on different search criteria on jobs, change orders, invoices and account receivables.

The system has an address Book section where all the contractors and other client’s records are maintained. The system has a user management module where the administrator can manage all the users of this system.

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