Kiosk advertising app

Executive Summary

This system by which advertisements can be remotely displayed on Android tablets and android PC screens. It allows scheduling screens which consists of displaying several advertisements at particular date and time. The android client also supports displaying advertisements at different regions of the tablet screen.

Advertisements are supported as Image, Video, HTML, Text. System keeps tracks and statistics of the advertisement media played, media download status for the app, error occured in displaying media.  The android client retrieves the screen schedulling list from server,downloads the advertisement media with screen region details and displays the screen. The android client supports online and offline mode. In case the application is in online mode client will retrieve data from the server. In case the application is in offline mode, the client will retrieve data from tablet local storage. It periodically checks for changes in screen schedule and screen details and advertisement media.

It even supports portrait, lanscape, counter portrait, counter landscape. It  display warnings icons to indicate that client is unable to connect to the server. And supports custom splash images.

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Android SDK ( android version 4.2, API level 17), Android Studio IDE, Android Development Tools.