LabCorp - EMR HL7 Integration

Executive Summary

The project aims at sending Lab orders to Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®) from an EMR application. The patient details (ADT) and Order Messages (ORM) were built as per the wide Hl-7 standards, taking into account the customization needed for LabCorp and these order messages were sent as TCP/IP streams between two end points on a secure VPN connection. The result messages (ORU) were received employing the same technique; were parsed using a windows service, customized interpretation was done and were attached to the original order/patient in the EMR.

Custom reports, Manifests, Requisitions, Bar Code generation, Specimen Label are also done as a part of this system as and when necessary.

About our Client

Laboratory Corporation





C#, .NET,TCP/IP, HL-7, SQL Server 2005