EMR Alerting System

Executive Summary

This system helps in disease management and preventive services. It provides very vital information like patients without an exam for certain time, patient with certain levels BP, patients who are taking a certain class of medication, patients who are suffering from a certain type of disease, screening and immunization information, Lab tests Results, etc. This is a complete DB driven system and user can create any rule that she wants on any of the modules in the EMR and he will be alerted for the same. Rules can be created for various time frames like a certain time period, last visit to the hospital, latest Data available Visit, across all visits. The module is completely dynamic in the sense; each user can have his own rule and his own conditions and can decide if he wants to be alerted for the patient meeting the rule or for not meeting the rule. This is a must for any EMR. We also provided the physicians with reports to find all the patients who are satisfying/not satisfying a given rule.

About our Client

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ASP.NET C#.NET, AJAX, SQL Server 2005