Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS, LIS)

Executive Summary

This is a very robust system that can interface with any Lab without altering the backbone much. It’s a complete DB Driven architecture using which the physician can decide and choose the Lab in which a particular test can be done. By default, the In-House Lab systems are provided, which can be built from the scratch/customized¬† in a matter of minutes as per the user’s requirements. Depending on the location and general preferences, interfacing with many leading labs is possible. The Orders to the outside labs are sent employing many techniques like secure web service, TCP/IP over VPN, SFTP and other methods. Time spent by a user being the major factor in deciding the success or failure of an EMR, this system enables the user to order even up to 10 orders within one to two minutes time. Custom reports, Manifests, Requisitions, Bar Code generation, Specimen Label are also done as a part of this system as and when necessary. The system also provides the ability to generate color-graphs to chart any test result (like Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, etc) over a period of time. This will greatly help monitor the prognosis of the disease/treatment. The electronically sent orders are tracked back when the results return and the physician can see all of his orders – results in a lab result queue which incorporates a document management system too.

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