Lead Management/Tracking System

Executive Summary

Lead Management System (LMS) is a Java project developed for an esteemed client of ours in the Internet marketing space. This project was developed to collect Lead information through their contact form and also the traffic source. By traffic source such as e.g. Google search, Google AdWords, Yahoo search etc. This application is using Google Analytics to track the Lead.

The end user (henceforth referred to as Lead) may come to the contact form from various sources. Once s/he is on the contact form s/he needs to fill up the form and submit. On submit the form data along with traffic source is then saved in the server. Later on, the saved lead traffic source is integrated with Google Analytics to fetch other required data.

This application has two modules, LMSWeb that is responsible for saving the Lead data on the server database and LMSIntegrator module is responsible for integrating the lead traffic source on server with Google Analytics. For better transparency and ease of deployment these two modules are developed as separate projects.

About our Client

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